Hello, my name is Ryan Tomayko…  

By Ryan Tomayko under First they ignore you.. on 30. June 2005

… and I’m a recovering Enterprise Software Developer.

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  1. Andy Elvey:

    Hi Ryan!

    Just thought I’d drop you a line to say “nice site” (and I very much support the “less is more” approach with software). Most of all, I strongly agree that web development is a mess! Javascript (in particular), HTML - the lot.

    You might be interested in a language on S/F called r-sharp .

    Despite the name, it has nothing to do with MS and C# - it is actually an open-source clone of Rebol. The project seems dead now, but I really recommend having a look. There is code released and it works! I’ve tried it.

    There is another Rebol clone here - freebell. Freebell is written in Java. Although it says “no code has been released” , there is code (and lots of it) in the CVS there. It seems to be quite complete, too.

    Rebol itself is free but (unfortunately) not open-source. R-sharp and Freebell are both.

    Rebol is amazing - a full GUI environment, a flexible and ultra-succinct syntax - all in less than 500 Kb or so. It is ultra-lightweight, supports all net protocols, and the demos show that it is possible to do some amazing stuff - graphics and lots more.

    Anyway - although I’m not brilliant on the coding myself, I try to mention r-sharp and freebell when I can - they are a couple of gems just waiting to be discovered :-)

    Bye for now!


    comment at 10. July 2005