Things for design people to do when bored, #8741  

By Ryan Tomayko under First they ignore you.. on 09. July 2005

So I had funny idea but I don’t have the skill to make it happen. I’d really like to see a comic strip style image or even a comic strip style web page (ahhh, CSS for comics) containing four slides with the following captions:

  1. First they ignore you…
  2. Then they laugh at you…
  3. Then they fight you…
  4. Then you win.

I have no idea what the imagery should look like on each of these but I think we need a big red arrow labelled You are here next to either #1 or #2. :)

I’ll give someone a dollar if they can put that together and post it somewhere. Seriously.

(Oh yea, that’s a quote from M.K. Gandhi)

2 Responses to “Things for design people to do when bored, #8741”

  1. Jeremy Dunck:

    It’s important to keep in mind that Gandhi spoke these wise words in the context of a just and non-violent cause.

    While I believe that the movement you’re espousing is just, be aware that keeping non-violent (to include respecting your enemy as you respect yourself and your fellows) is a great test of character.

    It all sounds overly melodramatic, doesn’t it?

    comment at 09. July 2005

  2. Ryan Tomayko:

    It sounds like a basic requirement for being human but yea, I hope you’ll check me if you feel I’m taking cheap shots at the establishment.

    comment at 09. July 2005

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