To the east side…  

By Ryan Tomayko under Then you win. on 12. July 2005

I’m just now getting around to reading John Anthony Hartman’s inspiring lockergnome article: LAMP -Shine On, You Crazy Diamond:

Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, Python, and Perl - a mixture that seems to have moved beyond the fossilized carbon stage. With heat and pressure, it has molded this stack into a beautiful diamond. Linux has grown from a group of tinkering hobbyists to a multibillion dollar industry. Apache dominates the Web server market with an almost three times margin over its closest competitor, IIS. MySQL has over six million installs, and if you include PostgreSQL, its Berkeley DB growth in open source databases is growing like wildfire. This brings us to PHP, Python, and Perl. If you add up the click statistics based on Google searches, these components of the lamp stack make up the largest percentage, supplanting C as the language(s) with the most hits. This also holds true for the most programming jobs that have openings.

There’s no denying it folks, we’re movin’ on up.

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