By Ryan Tomayko under First they ignore you.., Django on 15. July 2005

I’m not sure if I blacked out again and missed a couple of days there or if I’m just not paying attention but David Hansson, of all people, pointed me to Django today and I have to say I was impressed when I got there. Django is a web framework in Python that looks to have a lot of the same traits as Rails (is it okay to say that out loud?). That is, full stack, DRY, documentation, etc. — I’m sure we’re all familiar with the ingredients at this point.

Further, it seems to have the support of Simon Willison, who is not only British but also an extremely smart and pragmatic guy whose opinion I respect a great deal (so much so that I recently invited him to post here anytime he wanted). If I remember correctly, Simon did a stint over in Lawrence, KS a few years back and whatdoyaknow, this framework fuels lawrence.com as well as chicagocrime.org, which is one of the more interesting twists on social/awareness software I’ve seen. I’m not sure if Simon had a hand in all this but I do remember him speaking highly of his colleagues in Lawrence.

I haven’t had a chance to pull anything down and take a look just yet but it’s the first thing on my list. Also, it looks like they haven’t quite launched yet so go easy on them.

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  1. Jacob Kaplan-Moss:

    Hey Ryan –

    I’m glad you’re interested in Django; we’re incredibly excited and proud to be releasing it. If everything goes well, we should roll out the first public release today, but if you want to play with it before then, there are instructions on checking it out from subversion on the site.

    Yeah, comparisons with Rails are inevitable: Django and Rails both solve the same problems. Of course, we think Django solves them better :)

    comment at 15. July 2005

  2. Adrian Holovaty:

    Thanks for the coverage. Yes, Simon was very involved in the creation of this framework. Simon and I created it together about two years ago, and Jacob (who posted above) took over when Simon went back to finish his degree about a year ago.

    This is very much a Simon Willison joint.

    comment at 15. July 2005

  3. figby.com:

    Django - Python web framework

    Django is a new web framework for the Python language created by Adrian Holovaty, Simon Willison, and Jacob Kaplan-Moss. I suspect this is going to become as popular as Ruby on Rails in no time at all. Judging from the overview, this looks pretty easy …

    trackback at 15. July 2005

  4. Tim Gerla:

    I’m ready to try Django but I’m definitely going to see if I can shoehorn Kid in there somewhere. I’ve been extremely happy with kid; it looks like a better templating language than Django’s system, but I haven’t investigated the latter much.

    comment at 15. July 2005

  5. dotmpe.com » Django Web Framework:

    […] One of those things that keep popping up on your internet radar: Django. A web framework that has some resemblance to Ruby on rails. The latter I haven’t used jet as I was just learning Python and did not feel like starting with Ruby, but it looked very impressive and nice and clean as you’d do things in Python. Now Django puts Python on rails? […]

    pingback at 16. July 2005

  6. Dannno:

    Woot! This is what we seriously need, a framework developer showdown, the end result will be better frameworks all around!


    comment at 17. July 2005

  7. Simon Willison:

    Tim: using an alternative template system with Django is trivial - the view methods return a string wrapped in an HttpResponse object, and it’s completely up to you how you generate that string. If you don’t like Django’s template system, just import something else and use that to build the string that gets passed back at the end of the method.

    comment at 17. July 2005

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