ActiveGrid First Impressions..  

By Ryan Tomayko under LAMP on 20. July 2005

I finally had a few minutes to look at the technical material available for ActiveGrid’s lineup. More on that later… Right now I’m just relieved to find, after wincing through the initial big boring corporate look of the site, that I think they get it :)

Update: I wrote Peter to register my approval and he had this to say:

Ha, you found our “alternative view”! Glad you appreciate it. The funny story behind that is that we didn’t tell the marketing guy we did it, and then had a pool as to how long it would take him to figure it out. The farthest out was our office manager at 45 days, and she won because he never figured it out until day 45 when we told him!!!

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  1. wannabe 2.0:

    Corporate Site: About Us?

    Go to a company’s website. Go to “management” or “about us”. What do you get? Boring stuff, men and women in suits smiling blah.. and as Textdrive would say…

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