What Business Can Learn From Open Source  

By Ryan Tomayko under Then they laugh at you... on 04. August 2005

Paul Graham:

I can imagine managers at this point saying: what is this guy talking about? What good does it do me to know that my programmers would be more productive working at home on their own projects? I need their asses in here working on version 3.2 of our software, or we’re never going to make the release date.

And it’s true, the benefit that specific manager could derive from the forces I’ve described is near zero. When I say business can learn from open source, I don’t mean any specific business can. I mean business can learn about new conditions the same way a gene pool does. I’m not claiming companies can get smarter, just that dumb ones will die.

Perhaps I should just shut this blog down now?

3 Responses to “What Business Can Learn From Open Source”

  1. Peter Cooper:

    Or rename it LessWords or LessStupidity? :-) LessDying, hmm.. too morbid.

    comment at 04. August 2005

  2. Labnotes » What Amateurs Know Best:

    […] Via lesscode […]

    pingback at 04. August 2005

  3. Harry Fuecks:

    Reminds me of something from The Art of Unix Programming (here - fourth paragraph)

    “In retrospect, it is rather startling how oblivious we all were to the implications of our own behavior.”

    comment at 04. August 2005

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