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By Ryan Tomayko under Wanted on 09. August 2005

As a follow up to my previous post on what I hope lesscode.org might become, I’d like to solicit the names of individuals you feel might be conned into posting here. Go ahead and drop names in the comments and I’ll heckle them. You can contact me by email as well.

Also, I’ve toyed with the idea of allowing open submissions but I don’t like the idea of playing editor. If anyone has ideas for taking open submissions and staying sane, please leave suggestions/experiences.

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  1. Ted Dziuba:

    My name is Ted, I’m a student from upstate NY. I like the seemingly loose philsophical premise of this site, and am interested in perhaps becoming a contributor.

    To give you some idea of my background, I’m a third year undergraduate studying mathematics, and I’m currently an intern at Google, in the intranet engineering group. I’ve been working with web technologies for 5 years, and have delved into such things as Python, AJAX, PHP and MySQL.

    I haven’t blogged extensively, but I think I’m a good writer.

    comment at 09. August 2005

  2. Ryan Tomayko:

    Right on, Ted. You’re in :) Go here and create an account. You should get right in.

    comment at 09. August 2005

  3. Richard Dyce:

    Hi, not sure if you’re in the market for a hasbeen Brit? I’ve been reading your stuff for a few weeks now, and nodding my head in agreement/laughing my coffee up the wall at inappropriate places - and I think you have caught the zeitgeist - for css, ror, ajax etc. I might have the odd thought to add here and there. I have a background in writing (Columns, Features & Reviews) for MacUser UK, and MacWorld UK, but I’m no longer a company man, and work by myself as a small consultancy… just a thought.

    comment at 10. August 2005

  4. Alex Bunardzic:

    Hi Ryan,

    I have been inspired in the past year or so to start my own soapbox on the web, and was working toward it, until the day when I stumbled upon this community. I think what you guys are doing here is incredibly encouraging, and I would really feel honored if you would include me into the fold, and allow me to be the contributor to this awesome meeting place.

    My background: five years in scientific research (started in 1985 on complex systems modeling), followed by 15 years of software development. I’ve been through it all — FORTRAN, Pascal, C, Smalltalk, C++, VB, Java, ERP, J2EE, EAI, SOA, .NET, and finally (thankfully:-) Ruby and Rails.

    To me, software development is at its very core a social skill. The reason it’s in such a mess right now is because the majority of developers have fairly rudimentary social skills to begin with. That needs to change if we are to see any overall improvement.

    I am hoping that you will offer me a chance to post one trial article, to see how it goes. I am very passionate about software, and would hate to see all these efforts dilluted and fragmented, or wasted on places such at the Serverside etc.

    Best regards,


    comment at 10. August 2005

  5. Alex:

    Hi there. I’m always interested in pushing my opinion on the minions out there, but then again, my incredible intellect warns me that perhaps it’s best to keep it to myself.

    ahem Let’s start over. I’m a freak of all things markup and semantic, especially Topic Maps and variations thereof. I have a fetish for things new and shiny, balanced with a love-affair with XSLT and PHP. Yeah, a freak. Like I said.

    comment at 10. August 2005

  6. Anonymous:

    One would have thought that “drop names” indicates names other than one’s one. :D

    comment at 10. August 2005

  7. Alex:

    Heh, you are of course right, but the meglomaniac half of me wishes to disagree. :)

    comment at 10. August 2005

  8. Ryan Tomayko:

    One would have thought that “drop names” indicates names other than one’s one. :)

    No, that’s fine. I could have sworn I had a little blurb about recommending yourself being okay in the post.

    I’ve already received a good amount of requests. I’m going to take on a few, see what happens, and then open it up again. Please keep the recommendations coming though. I might have to backlog some of these at some point but I’ll definitely get in touch.

    Thanks everyone!

    comment at 11. August 2005

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