You’re soaking in them  

By Ryan Tomayko under Then you win. on 16. August 2005

Excellent press over at news.com today featuring many a friend of lesscode.org. Martin LaMonica’s From Web page to Web platform barely scratches the surface of potential we’re uncovering with the web but it’s enough.

There’s the mandatory O’Grady quote:

Instead of treating the Web just as a handy way to publish information, businesses need to start acting like software companies and encourage programmers to build services on top of their platforms, analysts say.

“The conclusion that many savvy Web presences had is very similar to what software companies have realized with open source: As creative as your organization may be, the community at large will always be more creative,” RedMonk analyst Stephen O’Grady said.

Adrian Holovaty’s chicagocrime gets a mention as well:

Allowing individuals to play with their Web site data has resulted in programs that the companies might never have thought of. For example, Adrian Holovaty, a 24-year-old programmer, built a Web site called Chicagocrime.org that taps into Google Maps to display where crimes occur in Chicago.

I picked up the link from Mark Baker, who comments:

As I’ve said before; Web services? You’re soaking in them!


I’d also like to mention that this article was posted to the Enterprise Software >> Web Services section of news.com, which is exactly where it should be.

I’ve nothing to bitch about today people, sorry.

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  1. stephen ogrady:

    nor do i. martin’s a good guy, and does a good job “getting” the stories he covers. when he called about this, i was only too happy too oblige ;)

    comment at 17. August 2005

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