YAPWF! Brand new! Or is it?  

By Robert Sayre under Python on 17. September 2005

Rather than reinventing everything or trying to clone some other framework, TurboGears takes advantage of the great tools that are already available!

The tools:

5 Responses to “YAPWF! Brand new! Or is it?”

  1. Bill de hÓra:

    Man, I see this kind of stuf and it makes me think the Python web frameworks world needs Total War. No nice guy stuff - winner takes all.

    comment at 17. September 2005

  2. The Badger:

    “No nice guy stuff - winner takes all.”

    What a market analyst fantasy perspective!

    comment at 17. September 2005

  3. Jkx:

    A war ? yeah that’s why the first title of my post ( http://www.larsen-b.com/Article/216.html) was:

    Python on rails: Streetfighter 4 Alpha

    comment at 17. September 2005

  4. mikechampion's weblog:

    Writing less code

    Who said “There’s only really one metric to me for future software development, which is
    – do you…

    trackback at 19. September 2005

  5. Geoff Wilson:

    The video on the TurboGears site is very pretty, even if you can hear the pages turn. I like the way that it doesn’t use anything (much) new, but is composed of existing libraries. Unix’y in feel.

    And I’ve been looking for an excuse to play with MochiKit. :)

    comment at 20. September 2005