Ruby on Rails Presentation — Audio  

By Alex Bunardzic under Rails on 22. December 2005

Couple of months ago I’ve posted links to my presentation on Ruby on Rails. Finally, after some deliberation, they posted the audio (about one hour in length).

2 Responses to “Ruby on Rails Presentation — Audio”

  1. Fred:

    Unfortunately having the presentations in a flash player inside a browser window isn’t the best experience. I loved the slides, but I just can’t fit the flash player inside an iPod and take it with me somewhere.

    Alex, if you get yourself an mp3 version of this, post it up. It’d be great to listen to it properly.

    comment at 24. December 2005

  2. Alex Bunardzic:


    Is there a better way to offer the slides? If there is, I’ll try to migrate my slides to a more convenient format.

    I’ll see if I can get the mp3 version. Thanks for reminding me!

    comment at 24. December 2005

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