It’s Enterprisey!  

By Bill de hÓra under Then they fight you... on 26. March 2006

Recently David Heinemeier-Hanson asked “How do we fork the word enterprise?”. This will do for now.

via Patrick Logan and Mark Baker

6 Responses to “It’s Enterprisey!”

  1. Patrick Logan:

    I love it. I am looking forward to the butterfly effect.

    comment at 27. March 2006

  2. developers.org.ua » Blog Archive » Enterprisey software:

    […] Только что из-под пресса: Enterprisey software обозначает ПО, которое позиционируется разработчиком как “решение корпоративного уровня”, но на самом деле представляет собой всего лишь неоправданно сложный и кривой продукт. (википедиа) […]

    pingback at 28. March 2006

  3. Steve T:

    Just as long as no annoying person adds “goodness” to the end of it.

    comment at 28. March 2006

  4. James Governor:

    shouldn’t be enter-price-y

    comment at 07. April 2006

  5. Enterprisey - A Frog in the Valley - Technology Intelligence:

    […] I really love the latest meme going around : enterprisey. Hey once a word has it’s own wikipedia entry and del.icio.us tag, it’s a real concept. And I looove what it spells : doom for overbuilt, overspecified, slow-moving, extra-cautious development. […]

    pingback at 08. August 2006

  6. foomonkey babble » Ruby, Python, or Java?:

    […] So what’s it going to be? Ruby, Python, or Java? Well, I intend on learning RoR. If it takes off and I like it enough, I will push to install it at work. At a minimum, I am going to install Ruby at work so that i can use the language for our scripting. I think Python is a fine language. However, I don’t feel compelled to learn it at this time. It’s popularity is probably waning with the meteoric rise of Ruby. As for Java, I am going to hang on to it because it is the more “enterprisey” of the lot. If people won’t take you seriously with your Ruby skills, they might with Java. BTW, I still consider myself a C/C++ programmer too. […]

    pingback at 13. October 2006