Announcing Buildutils  

By Ryan Tomayko under Python on 07. July 2005

I’m pleased to announce an initial version of Buildutils, a set of extension commands to Python’s standard Distutils.

The goal of Buildutils is to distill various development procedures into a set of simple commands under the normal Distutils idiom. All commands are invoked and configured using standard Distutils techniques.

The types of commands available are similar to those that you might throw together with make. The advantage over make is that the commands are written in Python and can use project metadata to provide intelligent defaults for most commands. For example, the announce command can be executed as follows, without any additional configuration beyond your normal setup.py:

pbu announce

The announce command uses the metadata available for the project to put together an announcement email and send it to a set of mailing lists. You can tweak the way the command works by overriding defaults in setup.cfg or on the command line.

I’d really love to see community involvement with this project. I think we can be fairly liberal with adding new and experimental commands. For more information, including a User’s Guide, Command Reference, and installation info, see the Buildutils Project Page.

2 Responses to “Announcing Buildutils”

  1. Josh Rice:

    I noticed that the article comments have an RSS feed, but how about an RSS feed for the main page?

    comment at 08. July 2005

  2. Ryan Tomayko:

    Ha! I got so use to Safari’s RSS button in the URL bar that I completeley forgot to add an RSS badge to the site. Thanks for the note, Josh.

    comment at 08. July 2005