Pencils Rock  

By Ryan Tomayko under Theory on 13. July 2005

This is great:

“This is a Fisher Space Pen,” he said — a pen developed for NASA astronauts in space, a pen with ink that just keeps on flowing. A pen able to write upside down and even underwater.

“It’s sophisticated, it’s costly, it’s very nice and very shiny,” Geck said.

Geck is chief technology officer at SuSE Linux, an open-source software outfit now owned by Novell (Nasdaq: NOVL) , and he’s about to make his point: “The Russians just used a pencil.”

I can’t vouch for the rest of the article as I’m on my way out and it’s pretty long and businessy. However, it seems he has his facts a bit mixed up - it’s common knowledge that in Soviet Russia the pencils use you!

4 Responses to “Pencils Rock”

  1. Andrew Dupont:

    It’s a great story, but it’s also apocryphal. Too bad, because I agree with the sentiment.

    comment at 13. July 2005

  2. Mike:

    Not related to this post: just FYI www.lesscode.org gives a 404; lesscode.org is fine.

    comment at 14. July 2005

  3. Ryan Tomayko:

    Thanks Mike. Should be fixed up now.

    comment at 15. July 2005

  4. Thomas Joad:

    I have a space pen. It’s freakin’ great. Durable ink vs smudgey graphite? No contest. Writes clean and crisp every time. Fits in my front pocket, easy to carry. And writes on surfaces some many pencils might not.

    But, as always, right tool for the right job. I carry the space pen in my pants pocket, but if I’ve got my laptop bag or a backpack there’s a very good chance I’ve a set of drawing pencils and a manual sharpener (the kind with the screw-on shavings bulb so it doesn’t spill open.)

    comment at 07. August 2005

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