Rails / Django Chicago Debate  

By Ryan Tomayko under Python, Ruby on 17. November 2005

On December 3rd, a mess of fine Chicago area Ruby, Python, and Linux user groups are to meet up at DePaul University for a Django / Rails love-fest. I’ve heard there might also be time for debate between songs and hand-holding. Adrian Holovaty, award winning journalist and distinguished gentlemen, will be fielding questions for the Pythonistas while David Heinemeier Hansson, Extraordinary Alien / “one man” trying to save the world (hey, I owe him one), will be answering for the Rubyists.

Even better, the Snakes and Rubies website is collecting questions for Adrian or David or both. Get over there and get your questions in before it’s too late.

If there is any way someone could capture the audio for this event, it would be very much appreciated.

9 Responses to “Rails / Django Chicago Debate”

  1. Chris McAvoy:

    I sense sarcasm…hand-holding, eh? You’d rather have a bare knuckles brawl?

    comment at 17. November 2005

  2. Robb Irrgang:

    Is there any information on this event and how to attend, or is this a closed event?

    comment at 17. November 2005

  3. Chris McAvoy:

    It’s an open event. Keep your eyes on the snakesandrubies.com site for details.

    comment at 17. November 2005

  4. Ryan Tomayko:

    I’m not hoping for a brawl - I think the concept is a great one. That being said, both the Python and Ruby communities are filled to the brim with smart people who like their languages and have little reservation about calling out the perceived deficiencies of others. I just think it’s bound to be… lively. :) Will there be throwing of pies? Or maybe challenges that result in throwing of pies in a years time? Seems likely.

    Putting David and Adrian in the same room with some of the ChiPy regulars (Ian Bicking, for example) and the other smart folks around Chicago is just a great idea. It’s like an all-star event for the underground. :)

    comment at 17. November 2005

  5. Adrian Holovaty:

    Fellow Django developer Jacob Kaplan-Moss is planning to bring a couple of digital video cameras to the event, so, knock on wood, we’ll have some video to Web-post.

    comment at 17. November 2005

  6. Ryan Tomayko:

    Adrian: Perfect.

    I didn’t realize the event was open. I’m going to try really hard to make it up there myself.

    comment at 17. November 2005

  7. curthibbs:

    Damn… I wish I could be there!

    comment at 18. November 2005

  8. Jacob Kaplan-Moss:

    Ryan, I will indeed be bringing cameras (two of ‘em) and unless something goes seriously wrong I’ll have audio and video up within a few days of the event.

    You should come anyway, though!

    comment at 21. November 2005

  9. Dody Gunawinata:

    The event was interesting although it can do without the multiple 10 minutes or so delay due to projector problems.

    There were more Ruby people than Python in the room. PHP got bashed a lot in the session and there were more than enough snide comments about Java.

    The attendance is about 97% white male and I can count exactly 2 female present; it started 40 minutes late and the session ended up around 6 instead of the planned 5. The choice of venue is excellent because it is easy to access from main public transport in Chicago.

    Adrian’s presentation shed light on the background of the framework and dedicate more time on the why’s and culture behind the framework. There were only 4 slides of code presented, with lots of lawrence.com features being shown.

    David’s presentation was all about code; and he showed mostly Active Records (including the latest 2 day old new features on granular handling of many to many relationships) and brush over the View and Controller part of Ruby.

    Adrian’s presentation was done with the light on because his slides were in light backround (on OO and KDE I think); David’s presentation was done in dimmed light as all his slides come in black background on Windows and PowerPoint.

    The presentations were informative and funny. People visibly enjoyed themselves with lots of laugh during the session.

    David talks more than Adrian in the QA session.

    On RoR; there will be no internationalization support planned in core ROR (”use plugins”)

    comment at 04. December 2005